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Jeff Schulsinger

Jeff Schulsinger

Perhaps helping to improve the lifestyles of others has always been part of Jeff’s life. In his earlier years, Jeff ran a program for children with disabilities. He was working as a big brother and a mentor, helping them learn to incorporate life and social skills in an inclusive environment. Jeff worked as a drug and alcohol counselor for the underprivileged. Also, he volunteered weekly with the elderly overseeing meals and social activities.

Keeping in his father’s professional footsteps, he became an optician. He was the youngest ever board-certified licensed Optician by the American Board of Optics. From there, Jeff managed high-end optical boutiques in Beverly Hills and Brentwood. He was the district manager for an optical company. His sales ability and knowledge of optics had earned him an invitation to be a guest speaker at the American College of Optics.

Jeff took his love of sales and working with people and later became the President of Insignia Marketing. Then, as the Sales Manager for Great American Coverup, Jeff increased the company’s sales to seven figures. While doing so, he continued his passion of helping maximize the lives of others by serving on several committees for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, the Marketing Committee for the Nevada Development Authority and continued volunteering for the Focus School Program.

All these accomplishments became the foundation for his devotion to taking care of his daughter, Faith. From the time in the NICU, where he insisted on playing music in her incubator to his pursuit of all potential therapies that would help his daughter maximize her abilities and quality of her life. Jeff traveled where needed. While searching and traveling to multiple continents in order to give his daughter a variety of therapeutic opportunities such as Euro Suit Therapy, Dolphin Therapy, Listening Therapy, Cord Blood Infusion, Water Therapy, Music Therapy, Cranial Therapy, and other Eastern therapies an opportunity was created. It is from his hard work and efforts and speaking with other parents in similar situations that his vision of TLC became clear.

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